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Midnight Story

In one fine Afternoon, the sun goes down slowly, it was my first chance to go abroad in the Blue Continental, alone. My good bye goes out for my family. I couldn’t feel my heart, for those pieces of feeling about what people said “Farewell” leaving the people we loved the most, but at the end we shall realize that we have to break the barrier in order to persue our dreams.

Therefore, I personally admitted it, the farewell means a new beggining for unexpected advanture stories. Every Inch is valuable. I never knew that my presence could give a positive impact in the environment around me. Starting days by days in a positive line, carving the brightest smile to face what will happen next. Exchanging information and experiences with new people. I hope my life would be so mean to people.

Life is about what we have and how it can be useful for others.

Creating the refugees children’s smile by spreading the peace through humbleness. It remains me of a once upon a time story. Meanwhile in the world me, Karine and Yusra. We were visiting the second largest city in Serbia after Belgrade.

Novi Sad.

The beautiful small town in the North Balkan. In a beautiful sunny day, I was walking around and enjoy8ny the architectures, my eyes was shifted by children who doesn’t seem like local occupant.

Yes, they are the children of Syiria Refugees. They asked for bucks to the tourist or perhaps people around them.

It has broke my heart. They are the innocent victims who received the results caused by caos political instability in their orign nation.

When I turned back and looked around into their faces, the children with worning out clothes holding a small bread with eyes full of hopes to continue their life, together. On the other hand, I saw other refugee who carried her baby, their eyes telling me that there was a hope, an optimism to continue the life, without giving up.

Without I noticed, my tears suddenly dropped. My heart was trambling.
What a life lesson.

As a young and future generation, I encourage young people to be success and be more humble, not only for our- selves, but also for others. Moreover 24 hours rounding in the circle everyday without waiting us and made everything inequal. So, let’s smash the 24 hours with productivity. Cause, life is not about thinking about ourselves instead of how we can contribute to the societies around us, our nation and world.

We never knew what will happen in the future, but the best way to predict the future is by creating the future itself.

So, I have had an idea below, let’s fill these question on our mind everyday:

What have you contribute to your country?


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