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Once Upon A Time

In one fine of a tremendous day, I was hangging arround with my best friend, she came from 2 continental country; Turkey. We pass over our footsteps straight to Kalemegdan enjoying the views; River, Bridge, Fortress, Bench and Lamp park. Those things were combinated under afternoon skies whereas the sun started goes down slowly into the west side.

Dear afternoon skies,

Don’t you know that everythings would never be the same? When the time changes everything. Honestly, the series of moments that I have been through today, was showing it’s magnificence. Not only was I hypnotized, but also captivated into a flashback story of a human being who doesn’t know each other previously.

Oh, I found my new family in a blue land. Thereby, once upon a time bringing a mystify purpose. Uniting some strangers and I, making us do the pinky swear into what we call best friend. Nonetheless, I couldn’t have had forget until it gets arround separating what has been shaping.

Again. I’d like to mention my dearest afternoon skies,

Don’t you ever discover the unleft said phrase in a deep blue oceans? Then, I do! It was stated on behalf to never say good bye to the people we care about.


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