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A Letter to Ali Banat

At first, I did not know who he was.

And this is how it begins.

Once upon a time, in the afternoon, I was starring at Kapuas River’s view through my window car as soon as I woke up from a-long-haul journey.

I was not completately awake tho. My body was pretty much right in the car but, my soul was elsewhere.

But, thanks to my mom. She started a conversation which made me curious about the man she was talking about.

“Febiiii, do you know Ali Banat?” said my mom.

“Nope mom, what happen?”, me replied.

She handed me her cell-phone, so that I can fulfill any relevant information regarding the man she was talking about.

I was attracted by how my mom praised him.

I mean, she will not do that, if the person isn’t extraordinary religious either.

Well, Shortly after, I get to know Ali Banat from the internet.

It is peculiar, especially I have never met him in person, but I knew that he is a good man– whom I learnt a lot from.


To Ali Banat,

Thank you for inspiring me, well, not only me but also, your life story inspiring so many people from all around the world. You were really a kind man. You were so Steadfast for the cancer that happened to you like prophet Ayyub Alaihi Salam.

When you said it is a gifted from Allah, my tears suddenly dropped.


I can see the sincerity coming from your purest heart.

Thank you for remainding me that the world is temporarily a sojourn and I need to prepare for the live after life.

You have opened my eyes about your dedication for a better world — doveted your life and donated your wealthness in the name of humanity and Islam, is something that is generous and so rare in this capitalism world. Particulary, when high-end slippers, cars, and luxorious stuff means nothing to you than helping the children in Africa. To me, this seems like the reflection from Qur’an that life is about beneficial for others and You do! I hope it will be your prepetual charity and I hope mine too.

You were really well-prepared chasing the live after well, so that Allah raised you by degree in this world.

It is triggered me to be more aware that no matter how rich or poor people are, they do not bring their belongings when they are dead except prepetual charity.

Oh, May Allah grant you the highest paradise.

I hope someday we can meet in the paradise.



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